Current Herd Share Owners



When visiting the farm to pick up your milk, please drive slowly! There are lots of animals and young children who run freely on the farm, and we want to keep them safe! Please slow down AS SOON as you enter our driveway.  There is a speed bump that is not too friendly to the bottom of speeding cars!


Herd Share Renewal Fees DUE: SEPTEMBER 1st, 2019

Just a Few Things to Remember as a Herd Share Owner:

Name Tag Instructions

Your name tag will be on your gallon(s) of milk in the refrigerators. There are buckets on the table in the refrigerator room that are labeled with individual pick up days. When you find your milk, grab the milk and put the name tag in the corresponding bucket.  This helps assure that you receive the freshest milk that was filled for you.

​Vacation and/or Missed Milk

If you are going on vacation, you can have someone else pick up your milk, but there will not be any make-up milk for missed/vacation milk.

You have three days to pick up milk, including the original pick up day.

Normal Pick Up Day ----  Last Day to Pick Up Milk

Monday -------------------- Wednesday

Tuesday -------------------- Thursday

Wednesday ----------------- Friday

Thursday -------------------- Saturday

Friday ----------------------- Sunday

Saturday -------------------- Monday

Sunday --------------------- Tuesday

If someone else is picking up for you, please make sure they are informed of the farm pick up rules.

Late Payment

If you are over a month behind, no milk will be filled for you until you pay. Missed milk will not be made up. If you are 60 days behind, your herd share will be forfeited.

Extra Gallons (Herd Share Owners Only)

If we have extra gallons available, there will be a fridge with these gallons available for purchase at a discounted herd share-only price. Extra gallon price will be $10 per gallon and $6 per half gallon.  Extra gallons will be clearly marked EXTRA, unmarked gallons are not for sale. 


Invoices will be sent via e-mail by the 1st of every month. Balances are due by the 15th of that same month. We accept checks, cash, credit card, or automatic recurring payments. Please make sure your check or cash envelopes are CLEARLY marked with your name and pick-up day.


Please drive SLOWLY on the farm. There is a speed bump at the end of the driveway to prevent as many accidents as possible. Safety for our customers, family, and animals is our biggest concern.


Your annual herd share renewal fee is due every September.

If you ever have any questions, concerns, or changes, please feel free to call the farm office at (530) 567-8178 or e-mail us at

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