About Our Farm

Originally started by partners Jerry and Rita Duivenvoorden, and John and Nel DeJong, Duivenvoorden Farms has been operating in the north state for over 50 years. Owners Marc and Lori Duivenvoorden took over the farm in 1993 - doing everything from custom farming, running a beef herd, raising calves, and shipping milk to a local creamery. In 2009, Marc, Lori and their son Seth, made the decision to switch the dairy over to a raw milk herd share dairy. In June 2017, Duivenvoorden Farms gained access to the public market by building a "processing facility" to bottle their milk for retail sales. 


What We Offer

​​​​Raw Milk & Herd Shares

Duivenvoorden Farms sells raw milk gallons, half-gallons, and pints in select local stores for those interested in pure, natural, and local food. Our farm also offers raw milk herd shares for families who are looking for a more cost-effective way to buy our raw milk with added benefits. 

Pork and Grass-fed Beef

For those seeking local meats, Duivenvoorden Farms naturally raises steers and pigs. Beef and pork is available by the half and whole.

Farm Visits & Field Trips

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Commercial Kitchen

Duivenvoorden Farms has a fully operational kitchen on site, equipped with all of the necessities for cottage food operations or small catering businesses. The kitchen is available to rent by the hour, day, or month!