Why Choose Duivenvoorden Farms Raw Milk?


100% Grass-Fed. NO GRAIN.

Unlike many other dairies, Duivenvoorden Farms' cows are on pasture 365 days a year... and even better, are GRAIN FREE!

We like our cows to feel like cows, eating fresh grass all day in the beautiful, warm sunshine. 

In the winter months, when the nutritional value of the pasture is lower, we supplement with locally-grown, non-GMO hay and barley fodder that we grow right here on our farm. Fodder is easily digestible, high in protein and energy, cost effective, water-efficient, and the cows LOVE it!

We are proud to offer a healthy product from healthy, HAPPY, 100% grass-fed cows!

All of our Cows have Names!

Our cows are our family! Ever since we can remember, every one of our cows has had a name. From Sugar, Lily, Barbara Jean, Tinker, Rocket, Clover, Snooki, Swissy, Freedom, China, Sweetie, Karma, Chica, to Bobbi and the many more, these cows have helped shape our family and farm into what it is today. We are thankful for each and every one of these girls, and appreciate all that they provide for Duivenvoorden Farms. 

Full Cream! Never Skimmed!

Most retail "Whole Milk" contains a standardized percentage of butterfat, approximately 3.5%.

‚ÄčAt Duivenvoorden Farms, we NEVER skim cream off of the top. The raw milk you purchase from our farm is exactly what our cows provide, 100% of the natural cream - a true "whole" milk.

Our customers enjoy our raw milk for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is the large cream-line! Some enjoy taking the cream off of the top to make homemade butter, ice cream, or even coffee creamer. But best of all, you can shake the bottle before every pour and enjoy a fresh, creamy, delicious cup of Duivenvoorden Farms' Raw Milk!

Babies Stay with their Mamas!

When a cow calves at Duivenvoorden Farms, we leave the baby with their mom for a minimum of two weeks. Quantity-minded dairies remove the calves immediately. After two weeks, we bring the mother and calf into the milk herd to milk the cow in the mornings, and then the calf has the rest of the day to nurse. Our calves stay with their mothers until they are large enough to be weaned and change their diet to pasture. We lose milk supply from the cows, but gain healthier and happier calves.

Low Stress

We milk our cows ONCE a day, and that is the only time in the day where they are not on pasture. This is a pretty unique practice, being that most other dairies milk two to three times a day. Milking once a day reduces stress on our cows, allowing for a richer and creamier milk. 

Quality is our priority, not quantity. 

Diverse Herd

We milk around 40 cows in a completely mixed herd. Our breeds include Jersey, Holstein, Normande, Brown Swiss, and influences of other dairy and beef breeds. Each of these breeds brings important benefits to the table such as high milk production, high butterfat content, production longevity, ease of milking, and even good mothering instincts!